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Loop is an analog human~powered rhythm generator manufacturing melodious moods.
Routine becomes revolution as the musical flywheel is spun by the spirited; motion generating emotion.
After dusk, beats trigger lights.
Each evening a new arrangement is programmed into the mechanism; each day a new mood to be experienced.

Loop is an analogy:
The wheel, a symbol of possibility;
Motion weaves a story, makes a melody;
Ever changing, yet the same for eternity.


Loop prerequisites:

Elemental Energy Quality: Water
A space of respite, free of the echoes of technology. Put away the phone and recharge your playfulness.
A holistic enhancement of natural, physical curiosity and wonder. (degoogify your mind)
A piece of metaphor for life itself, which like all living beings can expand, adapt, grow, teach, and inspire collaboration.
A project that scales easily and travels well, with the potential for many installations.


The hamster wheel functions as a flywheel to power musical instruments. A system of removable cams enables musical programming. At night, lights are triggered by the same mechanical interactions (e.g. beats become “visible”.)

In the future, new instruments and other kinetic mechanisms (pump/mister, fan, performative linkage-based automata) can be added, expanding the capabilities of the platform and enabling collaboration.

Crew members will perform a nightly ritual of rhythm reprogramming.

Original Concept

Original Loop
Original Concept

Updated Concept

Updated Concept