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Aromatic Designs Unit arises in the “21st” century, in order to question prevailing cultural narratives of tech~nology, echo~nomics and busi~ness.

As extractive pressure industries frantically lever* unregulated technologies of psychological and biological extraction at their disposal in their race to “own the globe”, human societies experience growing levels of pollution, division, distraction, and consumerism, and as a direct result dis~ease, in an ever-increasing tech~nological erosion of that which, throughout evolution, has been the natural environmental, physical, mental, and emotional state~of~being on Earth.

The consequences of this long-standing trend of commercial pressure can be felt throughout all spheres of human endeavor and ability today; a wise one might say, that with the most comfort of any age, our bodies are weaker and more susceptible than our predecessors; with the access to all the history and knowledge at our disposal, we have become less clever, less attentive, and more ignor~ant; and with so much technology to potentially connect and communicate with one another, we grow increasingly isolated, xenophobic, fearful, and unrooted.

So often, the most subtle effects are the most essential and most deeply felt. As unceasing, electric needling~of~urge increasingly pervades the subliminal spaces of our senses behind our everyday interactions, it crowds the awareness, cripples the attention span and overwhelmingly dis~courages natural curiosity – once a major driver of discovery and innovation in our lives. It has become all~too~common for us to cynically crush simple curiosity, and with it critical thought exploration and proper formulation of individual opinion, expound on something heard~of~but~never~experienced, or echo one of a myriad pre-spun and polished thoughts offered by our favorite commercially sponsored channels for punditry as our own original thinking, choosing opinions to match our moods today, and discarding them distractedly for whatever suits us tomorrow. Where once we relied on curiosity for intelligence, today we are spoon~fed identification, for it is the names and opinions we hold dear in our worldview which brand us.

Aromatic Designs unites in response to, and to offer a reprieve from, these default norms of our day. We strive to create portals that divert the mechanistic thumb-swiping routines that predominate so many of our conscious moments, offering instead opportunities to inspire playfulness and evoke curiosity. Engineered to minimize tech~nological intervention and maximize personal involvement and interaction, our work hopes to foster a re-connection to our planetary nature, subtly, in the spirit of water flowing through a landscape engulfed in flames.

Let us begin to make some scents.

With gratitude,

Aromatic Designs Unit